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DIN ISO 9001:2015DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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Reservoirs / Tanks

Our product range includes standard tanks as well as custommade versions according to requirements and specifications.

  • Made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel or other materials
  • Aluminum from 3.5 up to 70 liters
  • Steel containers from 1.5 up to 10,000 liters and larger
  • With 3.1b certificate, authorization LR, GL approval
  • Tanks according to DIN 24339 (updated 1993 to request)
  • Oil catch pan in accordance with local or international laws
  • Welded on local or international laws

All tanks are powder-coated or painted.

Ölbehälter und Ölwannen, Aluminiumbehälter, Stahlbehälter

oil reservoirs und oil pan:
here aluminium, steal reservoirs

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