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Electronic control systems

Proportional amplifier:

  • 1-channel to drive one proportional solenoid
  • With 1 power output, switch ON / OFF and ramp
  • Surface-mounted or panel mounted e.g. in dashboard or standard rail
  • supply 12...30 V DC
  • output adjustable 0-2500 mA
  • I min, I max adjustable
  • protection against short-circuit/ overcurrent protection
  • catch diode
  • dither frequency adjustable
  • external release or locking possible
  • factory software customization possible

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Proportionalverstärker / Steuerverstärker EK-ES12-24 (ähnlich ESSK106-81, nur optimiert+digital), ohne Frontplatte, vergossene Ausführung zum direkten Einbau in die Schalttafel

elektro-hydraulic solutions: PLC

elektro-hydraulic solutions: here PLC

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