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Product Development

We support you with pleasure in developing a suitable solution for you according to your individual requirements.

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Hydraulic Unit

Here, too, our motto is:
give us a problem and we'll find you a solution.

In other words, we will build the right hydraulic assembly for you - including the electrical control and PLC, if required.

  • Micro-hydraulic power unit, small hydraulic power unit, compact hydraulic power unit, standard, special unit or complete industrial plant hydraulic system
  • simple or complex control with manual control, standard (black-white-valve) elektromagnetic valve, proportional valve or servo valve characteristic
  • As a hydraulic power unit, filtration unit, cooling unit, under- oil-immersed hydraulic power unit, lubricating unit, or other type of operation
  • Operating pressure up to 1000 bar and higher
  • With flow rates up to 0.1 cc / rev up to 1000cc / U or greater
  • With electric motors or diesel/petrol/gas engines with power ratings from 0.25 kW to 180 kW or greater
  • Reservoirs 1.5 to 10000 liters and larger
  • Compliance with ATEX II, ATEX I (mining), intrinsically safe EEXi, with 3.1B certificate, TÜV tested, LR approval, GL approval or other approvals
  • With NBR, Viton, Teflon, Perbunan, Buna N or other seals
  • For media such as mineral oil (Type HLP, HVLP, HLPD etc.), water-glycol mixtures (Type HFA, HFB, HFC, HFD), biologigically degredable oils (Type HETG, HEES, HEPG, HEPR) and others

And, of course, we will carry out fitting and start-up on site.

In our modern production plant, which was planned and built in collaboration with the Leibniz University of Hanover, we take pride in providing the optimal solution for you in a cost-effective way.

hydraulic units (HPU) of Ruppel Hydraulik

hydraulic units (HPU)

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"Integrated Hydraulic Control Blocks Bring Concentrated Benefits" 07/2014 EMS

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