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Pallet Transport Vehicle

The platform conveyor or pallet transport vehicle is used for the works transport. They assist by an efficient buidling to building logistic. They are already succesful used in 3 work shifts. Each conveyor can be loaded with max.1500kg. The pallet trolley is designed for the transport of up to three pallets simultaneously. It can be loaded pallets with a max. width of 1000mm, and a max. length of 1200mm.

The first vehicles are runnig since middle of 2013 in 3 work shifts. By using them our customer increased his productivity by 15%.

Technical specifications

  • Robust construction, Load capacity per conveyor max. 1500kg
  • Approx. outside Dimensions; 3,6m x 1,3m x 0,5m (l x b x h)
  • Max. pallet dimensions; 1,2m x 1m (l x w)
  • All functions can be controlled by front mounted controls, using PLC control
  • Hydraulic conveyor drive
  • Extendable protective side walls against sideway dropping of palets while driving
  • Modern modular conveyor belt system with anti-slip surface
  • LED rear lamp with indicator, headlight and brake light
  • Transport train consist of max. 2 pallet transport trolleys successively
  • The pallet trolley / platform trolley is designed only for internal use
  • Other options on Request ( e.g. Sensors for position detection of the trailer to off-load, Impact protection, Automatic shutdown of the conveyor belts at achievement of final position)

Please ask us for the advantages of using this solution in your works transport.

hydraulic-projects worldwide: retrofitting, build-up, training, startup operations

hydraulic-projects worldwide:
retrofitting, build-up, training, startup operations

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