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Cartridge Valves

Our range of product in this area includes:

  • Pressure relief valves
  • Pressure sequence valves
  • 2-way and 3-way pressure regulator valves
  • Non-return valves
  • Flow-regulator valves
  • 3-way priority-flow valves
  • 2-way logic elements
  • Directional valves
  • Pilot valves and hybrid pressure-relief valves
  • Special valves
  • Load-control valves

The cartridge hydraulic valves which we use are also topquality. Because of the numerous versions of the individual types which are available, we not only fulfil all the functions required and also fine-tune them to the nth degree. Thus, extra leeway can be created for flow rates up to 1500 l/min or more, for example.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Improved system reliability
  • Simplified control
  • Fewer leaks
  • Savings in pipework costs
  • Savings in space and weight
  • Simplified services
  • Reduced assembling time
  • Decreased spare part storage

Cartridges / screw-in valves (application example: floating dredger)

Cartridges / screw-in valves
(application example: floating dredger)

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