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Individual solutions
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From valve control blocks to the entire range of hydraulic equipment

We have been in business in hydraulics since 1990. In the meantime, 45 years experience in hydraulics has been added to the company. Where the company originally concentrated on valve control blocks, the product range has recently been extended to include the entire range of hydraulic equipment. Today, we market hydraulic components and design and manufacture various hydraulic products such as valve control blocks, assemblies, valves and cylinders. As well as installation and training, our services include on-site repairs and refurbishment.






Customer-specific hydraulic solutions

Alongside the standard products, there is also an emphasis on the design and manufacture of customer-specific solutions in hydraulics.

With Gerrit Ruppel as the managing director, the company which has its head office in Bad Münder employs well-trained engineers, technical staff and specialists. The company’s highly-qualified installation engineers are deployed all over the world. Branch sites in the Middle East and China will be providing even stronger support for these markets in the future.

The Ruppel Hydraulics (a company under the umbrella of the rapidly expanding Axxeron Technolgies) is now the partner of many reputable national and international companies in all matters (including problem-solving) which relate to hydraulic systems. And we can say with some justification – we move worlds.


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