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DIN ISO 9001:2015DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

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Our History

Founded 1990

  • 1990 Start of the conception and production of conrol blocks / hydraulic controls
  • Became official distributor of SUN Hydraulics (USA)
  • 1991 Continuation of the activities of DUDEINS GmbH Industrietechnik, Neuss DUDEINS GmbH Industrietechnik from Neuss. Gerhard W. Ruppel Hydraulik continue the activities of DUDEINS Hydraulik since 1992 in Germanyor takeover of the hydraulic division Germany
  • 1992 Production of the first own special valves
  • 1992 Inceasing capacity / removal to Bakede (Ringstrasse)
  • 1993 Production of the first own pumps (hydr. driven piston pump)
  • 1994 Production of hydraulic units
  • 1995 First international projects
  • 1996 Continuation of the activities of STANDARD HYDRAULIK GmbH STANDARD HYDRAULIK GmbH from Huelsede. Gerhard W. Ruppel Hydraulikcontinue the activities of STA-Hydraulik since 1996 in Germany(STA-Hydraulik), 3255 Hülsede or takeover of the hydraulic division Germany
  • 1996 First international "supervisor activities"
  • 1997 Ruppel goes international: first business in china
  • 1998 Introduction of an internal QM System acc. to DIN ISO 9001
  • 2001 Build new standards for RTG's in China -> introduction new "AntiSway"-principle
  • 2004 Market entrance united arabian emirates
  • 2005 Aquisition of the company Maurer Servicetechnik GmbH (Bosch / MOOG Distribution),Maurer Servicetechnik GmbH (Bosch / MOOG Distribution), previously previously "Ernst Günther Maurer GmbH Fachbereich Hydraulik"
  • 2005 Organisation & planning of the new production "Südstraße" through the Leibniz University Hannover
  • 2006 Removal to the industriyl area Südstraße and merge of the production of both companies
  • 2007 Development of a special pressure intensifier for the railway track cleaning
  • 2008 First projekt for Russia/Ural: develpment of a hydraulic control for wheel loader for underground (country package completed)
  • 2009 New design / merge of the brands under "Ruppel Group"
  • 2010 Cooperation with cooperation partners in Poland
  • 2011 Cooperation with cooperation partners in Mumbai / Indien
  • 2012 Certification acc. to DIN ISO 9001:2008
  • 2012 Development of an hydraulic pallet transport conveyor for the factory transport (Customer could enhance 25% capacity)
  • 2013 Development of a new digital proportional amplifier
  • 2015 New: machine optimisation / retrofit / verification (Sample project foundry retrofit & verification + retrofit steel fabrication)
  • 2016 New online catalogue and documentationsystem infomedia & Onlineshop for spare parts
  • 2017 New hydraulic trainings
  • 2018 Certification acc. to DIN ISO 9001:2015
  • 2018 Exclusive in germany new vane pump up to 400bar constant pressure
  • 2020 Aquisition: ms fluid-technik GmbH join Ruppel Hydraulics
  • 2021 Ruppel Hydraulik change to Ruppel Hydraulics member of AXXERON Technologies

Ruppel Hydraulik in the media

Ruppel Hydraulik in the media
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