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More than robust and low-maintenance:


Block concept from Ruppel Hydraulik shortens assembly times

The block concept enjoys clear advantages over the more conventional method where each hydraulic control element is piped individually. A block has a small footprint, and the risk of leaks is low. The screw-in valve technology is easy to maintain, and both standard valves and tailored valve solutions can be used. Energy and flow optimised systems can be implemented using the block concept.

Hydraulics ensure safe transportation of pallets in factory


Ruppel Hydraulik has developed a platform truck with semi-automatic loading and unloading for materials handling in factories, warehouses and similar environments. Designed for transporting heavy load, pallets are ‘pulled’ hydraulically onto the carrying platform and even the safety devices are powered by the compact power pack installed in each trailer.

Electro-hydraulic control system reduces loading times


Anti-Sway: efficient sway control system for container cranes

A new generation of sway control systems substantially increases the productivity of container cranes. Gerhard Ruppel Hydraulik from Bad Münder, Germany, has developed the world’s first electro-hydraulic anti-sway system that allows exact adjustment for container weight. Excellent system-capability means that load sway is reduced to a minimum, resulting in a reduction of loading times.

Compact and cost-effective proportional amplifier for hydraulics


Spare parts: Bosch Special sale


As part of a special sale, we offer a wide range of Bosch components at favorable prices. All components are available immediately from stock. Here is a detailed listing of the components. Please see for yourself and contact us:

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