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Control Block - Technical Advantages

The control block is the brain of the unit. The block can include all functions of a hydraulic system. This has the following advantages:

  • compact construction needs less space
  • reducing possible leakage points
  • cost efficient in comparison with single tubing
  • maintenance-friendly through cartridge valve technology
  • standard or individual valve technology
  • energy- and flow optimization
  • individual solution including customer protection
  • optical system upgrade

One control block can include the whole hydrauic of a machine, a vehicle and a plant. Individal control blocks as one piece or series can contain the following functions:

  • build in ball valve for manual connection, disconnection or switching
  • sensors for pressure, temperature, flow and oil condition ("Condition Monitoring")
  • return, suction or pressure filter as build-in or add-on element
  • hand- / emergeny pump element
  • flow-, check-, pressure-, directional- and special valves in certridge valve technology or modular as subplate elements
  • strainers for prefiltration or orifices for flow optimization
  • block modular build as disc- or sandwich plate design, to include more variations with a modular concept

In the first step of development all parts are single tubed, which highly increases the installation effort and leackage risk. The use and complexity of one or more control blocks depends on the quantity of valves and the variations of the machine control as wekk as the the place and connection of the areas of the machine.

We would be happy to assist you, using control blocks for your constructions.

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